How to Take Risks and overcome Your intimidating Fears

How to take risk and overcome your intimidating fears graphics

I can tell you, it’s quite comfortable to sit back and keep the status quo. After all, if you don’t rock the boat, you can’t fall into the sea. But we all know that without risk, there are no rewards. 

You already know that taking risks is risky. To build up the courage, you need to master your fears. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds because I have been there and still have a few fears I am dealing with me. If you’ve spent the better part of your life with fear, it could be deeply engrained in your subconscious, but it’s not impossible to change. All you need now is the willingness to overcome your fears. If you really want to abandon your fears, there’s nothing that can stop you! So here are the 3  crucial simple steps to overcoming your intimidating fears;

elpful Tips to keep fear at bay:

  • Recognize Your Fears. Recognize your fears for what they really are. You’ll soon discover how your fears are limiting you by your reactions to them.
  • Overcome Your Fears. Many times we’re afraid of something because it remains in the unknown. We might label something as risky because we don’t yet know or understand what’s going on.  An example would be avoiding college because you’re afraid of meeting new people, the workload, and so on. To overcome this fear, you can get familiar with the college, the courses, and the people so you can feel more comfortable and confident. Doing so will ease the fear of the unknown and give you a sense of relief.
  • Change Your Thinking. If you can alter the way you think about a certain situation, you’ll then act differently. Your fears may overwhelm your thoughts at times, but your job is to put a stop to this. For example, if you think you’ll never be able to achieve your goals, you won’t. But if you believe in yourself, you’re far more likely to succeed!

How to Take Risks and overcome Your intimidating Fears:

  1. Recognize your fears
  2. Overcome your fears
  3. Change your thinking

Once you overcome your fears mentally, it’s time to take risks. Whether you realize it or not, you take risks every day. Most risks are quite minor, but risk accompanies nearly every decision you make.

I hope to see you overcome that Fear!


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